Special Inspection and Testing Services

For the Construction Sector

Metzger Testing’s Special Inspectors provide fast, expert inspections for construction phases in San Diego and Orange County including Reinforced Concrete, Epoxy Anchors, Structural Steel Bolting, Welding, Structural Masonry, Pre and Post Tensioned Concrete, Soils Geology and Geotechnical, Foundations, Field and Materials Testing.


Reinforcing Steel Inspection

Re-bar are steel bars of various diameters and lengths which have steel ribs that add to the bonding value of concrete for adhesion and additional strength. Reinforcing steel and concrete are bonded together by a mechanical connection.This provides the tensile properties which adds another element of strength to the concrete.


Field Concrete Testing

The testing of concrete at the construction site is to sample the freshly mixed concrete, check for slump, temperature and cast a set of cylinders for compressive strength verification. Slump is a field test to measure water quantity mixed within the concrete. This is mainly for field-use measurement as a guide for the work-ability of concrete.


Post-Tension Concrete

Post-tension concrete cables are long steel cable ropes, usually 1/2″ in diameter within a plastic protective grease coated sheathing. Post-tension concrete cables are a group of cable tendons placed within the concrete providing compression strength laterally. Post-tension concrete cables which are placed within the concrete allows the concrete to be elevated as it has compressive lateral strength.


Field Testing

We perform almost any type of inspection services. Our clients enjoy the quality of our field inspections and structural inspections. Prestressed/Post-Tensioned Concrete, Shotcrete, Structural Masonry, Structural Steel Erection & High Strength Bolting, Structural Steel Visual Welding Inspection, Structural Steel Non-Destructive Evaluation, Spray Applied Fire-Resistive Materials, Lateral Framing (Wood & Cold-Form Steel Structures)


Welding Inspection

Steel is the structural soundness and integrity of the building. If welding is not done by code or procedure it could result in defective work which would lead to the removal of weld areas by grinding and re-welding. As Certified Welding Inspectors Metzger Testing & Inspection can provide guidance to the contractor in producing a welding procedure specification…


Materials Testing

The best field inspection personnel cannot be efficient without excellent support from the laboratory. Metzger Testing & Inspection works with the top laboratory material testing facilities in the area that have quality testing and diagnostic equipment. Concrete and masonry samples, soil, asphalt, fire resistive materials, and many other material types are tested in-house.


Epoxy Rebar Dowels

More information on epoxy rebar dowels can be found here along with how to request an epoxy rebar dowel inspection service.

Epoxy anchor bolts and hold-downs - image showing application of epoxy

Epoxy Anchor Bolts and Hold-Downs

More information on Epoxy Anchor Bolts and Hold-Downs can be found here as well as how to order and inspection


Mechanical Anchors and Drilled-In Anchors

More Information on Mechanical Anchors and Drilled-in Anchors can be found here, along with instructions on how to order an Inspection

Why Choose Metzger Testing & Inspection
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Customer Service

With Metzger Testing & Inspection, you are working with one of the industry’s most reliable special inspections service agencies, Contacting Metzger Testing & Inspection you are guaranteed someone who knows this business and cares about your project. We work hard to provide quality for all.

Fast Appointments

Do you need a third party project inspector or engineer on the job-site due to a previous inspection no show or conflict of interest? Our engineers or inspectors are professionally trained to work around your schedule tailoring our inspection services to meet the needs of the developer. We Service San Diego, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, and other areas of Orange County.


Metzger Testing & Inspection has built a reputation on quality, excellence, and dependability within the industry. Our clients retain us for all their future projects. We deliver 100% quality service and reporting.

We Work With You

Metzger Testing & Inspection inform you of non-conformance items which need to be corrected. Should a structural issue arise, we assist the primary contractor providing the relevant information and location to the engineer of record requesting clarification on how to proceed. Our clients appreciate the detail and organization we bring to the project.

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