About Us

Having established itself as a field executive in construction materials, Metzger Testing & Inspection continues to provide experienced consulting for developers, owners and contractors

In 1983 I began soil and concrete testing which has continued to the present time. In the field of geotechnical engineering, I have 30 years’ experience as a field and lab tester. The word, geotechnical ‘geo’ means earth or soil.

By combining technical knowledge with an understanding of the evolving inspection industry, we offer our clients efficient and effective solutions. Working with clients and personnel from residential commercial, government developers trust in the quality inspection service provided. By approaching each project as a partnership, our company has experienced wider expansion. By sharing client concerns, maintaining open and ongoing communications, and striving for solutions that contribute to successful project completion, we have cultivated many long-term relationships and repeat clients over the years. Our mission is to assure the strength, safety, and security of our community.

Building a house? Constructing a building? We are the eyes and ears for the structural engineer of record.

Our Core Values


Ensure construction is right; legally (code), ethically (plans), and morally (specifications).


Demonstrate excellence in precision, accuracy (attention to detail), and reliability.


Maintaining the highest achievable level of technical competence, skill, and knowledge.


Working together with a combined action toward common goals.

Why Choose Metzger Testing & Inspection

As Your San Diego Special Inspector

Customer Service

With Metzger Testing & Inspection, you are working with one of the industry’s most reliable special inspections service agencies, Contacting Metzger Testing & Inspection you are guaranteed someone who knows this business and cares about your project. We work hard to provide quality for all.

Fast Appointments

Do you need a third party project inspector or engineer on the job-site due to a previous inspection no show or conflict of interest? Our engineers or inspectors are professionally trained to work around your schedule tailoring our inspection services to meet the needs of the developer.


Metzger Testing & Inspection has built a reputation on quality, excellence, and dependability within the industry. Our clients retain us for all their future projects. We deliver 100% quality service and reporting.

We Work With You

Metzger Testing & Inspection inform you of non-conformance items which need to be corrected. Should a structural issue arise, we assist the primary contractor providing the relevant information and location to the engineer of record requesting clarification on how to proceed. Our clients appreciate the detail and organization we bring to the project.