Epoxy Anchor Bolts/Hold-downs

What are they?

Epoxy anchors or chemical anchors are installed in concrete footings for the purpose of securing the shear wall to the footing.

What do Epoxy Hold-downs do?:

Epoxy Anchor Bolts and Hold downs do just that, resist a load applied in tension such as a lift from an earthquake’s seismic wave. The two cartridges in each capsule contain one, a hardener and two, a resin. When the two are run through the mixing nozzle the hardener will activate the resin bonding to the all-thread anchor and cleaned drilled hole.

Anchor bolts are located as the code requires, usually every 4ft, serving as shear strength for the load bearing wall. Hold downs and anchor bolts work together to keep the shear wall anchored and held down into the footing. Seismic waves, earthquakes rapidly lift and move laterally the earth material.


What We Do

We ensure the epoxy anchor installation is performed correctly by the contractor. We verify brand, lot number and expiration date. We carry out observation procedure, identify substrate, check anchor size, depth and proper application. If needed, proof testing of after-the-fact installed epoxy anchors by pull testing the in-place anchor to a value specified by the design engineer. We provide a special inspection report and submit a deputy special inspection final summary report at project end.

How to request epoxy anchor bolt and hold down inspection service:

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