Epoxy Rebar Dowels

What is Rebar?

Reinforcing steel (re-bar) is a product formed by molten steel to produce a deformed or ribbed solid steel bar for the purpose of creating a mechanical bond between freshly mixed (plastic state) concrete and the steel re-bar.

Typically reinforcing bars (Rebar) are laid out in concrete formwork prior to the pouring of concrete. However, many structural applications need reinforcement to augment existing structures. This may be achieved with rebar and injectable epoxy adhesive grouted into holes drilled into concrete elements.

What Epoxy Rebar Dowels do

(Epoxy) Rebar dowels are typically used to strengthen the bond between two concrete structural elements.




The concrete and reinforcing steel work together by providing compressive strength and strength in tension. After holes are drilled into the concrete footing or slab, the holes are cleaned and epoxy injected. The epoxy bonds to the reinforcing steel bar, providing a connection between old concrete and new concrete.

What We Do

Provide deputy special inspection service for the project per the approved city plan drawings, details and ACI-318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and ICC_ESR Evaluation Report.